Fern Hollow Bridge Closing and Detours

The Fern Hollow Bridge played an integral role in connecting Squirrel Hill with Point Breeze and Regent Square. During the closure and rebuilding process, we would like to provide some alternative travel routes.

Alternative Bike Routes

1. Alternative Bike Route | Credits to SHUC’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee (Mary Shaw, Roy Wei, Marshall Hershberg, Rich Feder and Paul) as well as Ted King-Smith (Bike Pittsburgh)
From Squirrel Hill, take a left onto Beechwood Blvd, then right onto Wilkins, left on S. Dallas, right onto the Reynolds St. Neighborway. Follow the path until it ends. Then, take a right onto the car-free Hawthorne trail (past The Frick Bowling Greens) which connects to Kensington St. from Kensington. Finally, make a right onto S. Braddock Ave. The reverse path can be followed to enter Squirrel Hill from Regent Square. This route has bike lanes along Beechwood Blvd and avoids Dallas Ave which will have heavy traffic (including rerouted public buses). Click here to view an interactive map (Google Maps).

2. Alternative Bike Routes | Credits to SHUC’s Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee (Mary Shaw, Roy Wei, Marshall Hershberg, Rich Feder and Paul) as well as Paul Heckert (Bike Pittsburgh)
Hawthorne Trail to Reynolds St.
Hawthorne Trail through Homewood Cemetery to Aylesboro
Biddle Ave to Braddock Trail to Falls Ravine Trail to Beechwood Blvd to Shaw to Darlington
Nine Mile Run Trail to Firelane Trail to Forward Ave. to Beechwood Blvd or Summerset Dr.
Click here to view an interactive map of Paul’s southern park trail route.

Alternative Public Transit (Bus) Routes

1. 61A and 61B Detour Path | Credits to Margaret J. KraussSarah Schneider (90.5 WESA)
The route for Bus 61A and 61B are shown below. However, these are preliminary and are subject to change.

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