SHUC Annual 2017 Neighborhood Meeting and Open House

On Thursday November 16th at Levinson Hall in the JCC Squirrel Hill, 7pm, we will be holding our annual public meeting with a focus this year on “Transportation Safety and Mobility in Squirrel Hill.” Our featured guest speaker is Department of Mobility and Infrastructure Director Karina Ricks, who will talk about how the City’s Complete Streets policy impacts the design of our streets and intersections to increase mobility and use by pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, transit riders, and persons in wheelchairs. Director Ricks will also describe recent efforts that have been undertaken by the City to improve pedestrian safety at the Forward-Murray-Pocusset intersection in light of the many construction projects that are taking place in that area.

Another special speaker for the evening is Professor Mark Magalotti, coordinator of the Transportation Engineering program at University of Pittsburgh, will illustrate the contrast between efforts to improve pedestrian transportation in suburban areas and such efforts in the City of Pittsburgh. Director Ricks and Professor Magalotti will discuss how the city’s Complete Streets perspective and other possibilities for improving ped/bike safety can be keep drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians moving safely and efficiently in an intersection like Forward-Murray-Pocusset, particularly during the current period of construction.

The Nov. 16 meeting will also include an Open House format with board members and partners on hand to describe the various projects and activities by the Coalition. Come learn how to be involved with SHUC and the community!

Proposed agenda for the evening:

7pm – 7:45pm OPEN HOUSE with Board members and partners tabling committee and community projects 

7:45pm – 8:45pm FEATURED SPEAKER PRESENTATION by Director Karina Ricks and Professor Mark Magalotti

8:45pm – 9pm OPEN HOUSE continued

about SHUC

Preserving, Improving, and Celebrating the Quality of Life in Squirrel Hill

For over fifty years, the Coalition has been an active and important link in the community. It has served as a sounding board for new ideas, as well as a “watchdog” in the areas of public safety, education, residential quality, the business district, and parks and open space. With its focus on the quality of life in the 14th Ward, SHUC continues to monitor activities and future developments in the community through a range of standing committees.


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