2013 Spring Clean-Up

Each April the Squirrel Hill Litter Patrol invites schools in our neighborhood to join our efforts to pick up litter and recyclables  around their schools and/or the neighborhood. Edward Cygnaroicz  at Linden Academy and  Christine Ragano at Minadeo Elementary school  supervised a group of their students engaged in making the area around their schools free of litter. Students wore bright orange safety vests and carried brown or white bags for trash and blue bags for recyclables (cans, glass, plastic)  Students picked up about 50 bags of trash and 25 bags of recyclables! A great effort. Not only does this clean up enhance the aesthetic beauty of their school grounds but also prevents this trash from ending up in our streams where it might be hazardous to wildlife and pollute our watersheds.

On Sunday, April 21, when we had our Community Clean up, students from Community Day school under the supervision of Lin St. Clair and students from Taylor Allderdice organized by Julie Holber, a senior there, helped us clean up the business district and residential areas.

We applaud the efforts of these young people.  Too often we read stories about students engaging in inappropriate behavior. We want to highlight the very positive behaiors of these students and thank the teachers and Principals who encourage these efforts.   All of them will be good stewards of our planet.  Photos of students engaged in this endeavor can be seen here. Thank you all.

Aside from simply creating a cleaner community and more presentable outward appearance, one of the overarching objectives of the Squirrel Hill Litter Patrol is to celebrate this very special neighborhood–our very sense of community and civic pride–by collectively working toward cleaner streets, tidier sidewalks, and trash-free gutters (which, in turn, leads to less polluted storm runoff, less clogging of storm drains, and ultimately healthier Pittsburgh waterways).  We care about the aesthetic character of our residential areas and central business district; but, perhaps more importantly, we care about the quality of life in Squirrel Hill and are invested in fostering a sense of community.  The Squirrel Hill Litter Patrol is a committee under the auspices of The Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition.  Details about all the Coalition activities can be found elsewhere on this website.

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Preserving, Improving, and Celebrating the Quality of Life in Squirrel Hill

For over fifty years, the Coalition has been an active and important link in the community. It has served as a sounding board for new ideas, as well as a “watchdog” in the areas of public safety, education, residential quality, the business district, and parks and open space. With its focus on the quality of life in the 14th Ward, SHUC continues to monitor activities and future developments in the community through a range of standing committees.


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