Green Infrastructure Projects in Schenley Park and Beyond Take Shape

By Sonia Panic   If you picked up our latest Summer issue, you may have read about the city’s plan to redevelop the Four Mile Watershed and implement more green infrastructure aspects in the neighborhood. One of the goals in mind is to manage water quantity and quality. With this redevelopment, the new watershed is

President’s Message: Here’s Something to Think About

Here’s Something to Think About By Raymond N. Baum, President Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition   What is the future of Squirrel Hill’s commercial district? What do we want it to be? What can we do about it? Are we missing out on opportunities to attract and hold businesses and residents?     I think

Urban Redevelopment Authority Basic Conditions Report For Forward-Murray Study Area

In January, 2016, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh commissioned and obtained a BASIC CONDITIONS REPORT FOR THE MURRAY-FORWARD STUDY AREA,  concluding that the area merits the certification as an area in need for assistance. This is a critical next step in efforts to facilitate private and public redevelopment of the area.  (See Full Report)].