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Envisioning Forward Murray Gateway, Final CMU Report

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Envisioning Forward/Murray

Avenue Gateway


Working with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) masters of Urban Design and Real
Estate Design and Development classes, the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition
facilitated the second half of a community discussion on envisioning a new future for the Forward/Murray area. The idea is to generate alternative visions that might encourage future, positive investments along Forward Avenue and nearby sections of Murray Avenue in the Squirrel Hill business district. In October, the students shared their analysis of the area and the possible scale of future development. For this presentation, they will be focusing on long-range transformative ideas for the area, as well as provide some highlights of near-term strategies. See above for a link to the final report.




Fourth Annual Squirrel Hill Treasure Award Dinner

Left to Right: Robert Levin, Mayor Bill Peduto, SHUC President Ray Baum


SHUC is pleased to say that the 4th Annual Treasure Awards Dinner was a huge success! Over 200 people joined us for the event, including Mayor Bill Peduto, Councilman Corey O'Connor, Representative Dan Gilman, Robert Levin of Levin Furniture, and many, many more! The 2014 Squirrel Hill Treasure Awards Dinner honored the following Treasures:

Honorable Mayor Bill Peduto
60th Mayor of City of Pittsburgh

 Hebrew Free Loan Association
The Pittsburgh branch of a nonsectarian nonprofit organization that offers interest-free loans. A pioneer in microloans.

 Pamela's Diner
Pittsburgh's favorite breakfast spot.

 The Homewood Cemetery
This year’s Place Treasure

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After several years of work and more than $35 million spent, ALCOSAN has released
their Draft Wet Weather Plan for meeting the terms of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) consent decree. The preferred plan proposes spending more than $2 billion to construct huge holding tanks under our rivers and a series of smaller tanks throughout the city to trap excess stormwater and wastewater until it can be safely released for treatment. ALCOSAN will be holding a series of public meetings to collect comments and testimony on the plan before it is sent to the EPA for review.

This is set to be the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Allegheny
County and we have to make sure we do it right. While building huge septic tanks
under the rivers might solve the problem for 10 or 20 years, it's not a long-term
solution. The only way to truly solve the problem is to reduce the volume of water
entering the system in the first place and one of the best ways to do this is to
implement proven green infrastructure solutions to capture and retain runoff during

For more about the opportunities for green infrastructure, please visit Reform
Pittsburgh Now.


These short surveys are part of a study by the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition to better understand the stormwater implications for Squirrel Hill residents as well as business and property owners on Forbes Avenue and Murray Avenue. The information gathered from the surveys will provide a more accurate picture of the stormwater implications in our district as well as serve as a catalyst for future steps toward solutions.

For Business Owners:

For Property Owners:
For Residents of Squirrel Hill:


Click HERE to view CMU's Institutional Masterplan.



The 2015 Annual Litter Patrol Clean Up is Sunday, April 26 from 10 am to 2 pm. For more information click here.




Richard Talerico

(Dec. 22, 1951 - Mar. 11, 2015)


Our good friend and former SHUC board president died March 11. His obituary was published recently. He was a top aid to Mayor Caliguiri and president of Yellow Cab. He is to be remembered as being one of the Board members that initiated the long range plan which ultimately resulted in the Summerset development. He also got a grant from Sophie Masoff for approximately half of the cost of the study.

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Harry Goern

(Sept. 15, 1934 - Oct. 15, 2014)


Our good friend and former SHUC treaserer died October 15. His obituary was published recently. THough his stay on our board was cut short by his illness, he was an energetic, effective and valuable board member and a wonderful person. He and Camille were the life of our first Treasure Dinners. We will miss him and our thoughts go out to his family.

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2014 Treasure Dinner Ad Book

Many thanks to all our supporters and advertisers!


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SHUC's board meetings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM At the Children's Institute, 1405 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. They are free and open to the public. Please call the office at (412) 422-7666 to verify the meeting time.



SHUC's Gateway Committee has many exciting developments to report, including the unveiling of a beautiful new clock at O'Connor's Corner (click here for pictures) and the spring planting of the Remembered Garden near the parkway entrance (pictures here).



In The News:

*December 9, 2014 at this first public presentation and community discussion with authorities from Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Councilman Gilman's office, the community was invited to give their impressions and feedback for what kind of park and greenspace they would like to experience in the space of the old Wightman Playground.


* July 2013: SHUC's Gateway Committee is beautifying and renovating several Squirrel Hill locations.  Learn how.


* July 2013: Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and city finalize $15 million plan for new Frick Enviornmental Center in Frick Park.  The previous center was lost in a 2002 fire. More information here.


* May 2013 : Squirrel Hill's Turner Cemetery is currently being studied by archeologists from Mercyhurst University. Click here to learn more about this fascinating project and here to read a recent article about it in the Tribune-Review.

* January 2013 : Please click on the link below to learn about idling awareness and how it affects Squirrel Hill residents:

* January 2013 : Please click on the link below to watch "Squirrel Hill in a Nutshell," a half-hour program recently shown on WQED that explores what makes our neighborhood so special!


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