On Wednesday, October 28th, Squirrel Hill’s Wightman park re-opened after years of planning and significant renovations. This renovation project has been a significant investment by Mayor Peduto’s administration, the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works, former Councilman Gilman and Councilperson Strassburger, PWSA, ALCOSAN, and other partners. View the press release here.

The following elements are featured within Wightman Park:  

  • Significant green infrastructure components funded through ALCOSAN’s GROW program and carried out through PWSA and their partners, including retention tanks beneath the park space, rain gardens, plantings, and additional stormwater storage capacity under sidewalks adjacent to the park. Together, these green infrastructure components will capture over two million gallons of stormwater annually and provide 50,000 cubic feet of storage.   
  • Separate and distinct play areas for toddlers ages 2-5 and school-age children ages 5-12.   
  • The incorporation of play equipment for children of all abilities and specific equipment for children on the autism spectrum.   
  • New family restroom facilities with an adult changing table, the first in a public space in Pittsburgh.  
  • An embankment slide leading down the hillside off of Solway Street.  
  • Recreational facilities, including a walking track, an educational boardwalk feature, picnic pavilion available to the community, and a half-court basketball area.   
  • A multi-purpose green space suitable for coach-pitch baseball and softball, soccer, and passive activities.   
  • In collaboration with the City’s Department of Public Works and the Department of City Planning’s Division of Public Art and Civic Design, 1% of the project’s budget was dedicated to the installation of artwork completed by local Pittsburgh artists Oreen Cohen and Alison Zapata, who comprise OOA Designs, LLC.    

Bring your family to Wightman Park at 5612 Solway Street to check out the upgrades!