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Making of a Night Market

By Camille Chidsey, Marian Lien, Britt Reints For the third summer, the Squirrel Hill Night Market will be bringing people together under the night sky for a celebration of diversity, culture, cuisine and community. Modeled after the open-air nighttime street festivals commonly found in cities across Asia and Europe, each event is designed to have

Tell Us Your Squirrel Hill Story

You may have noticed a new feature in the spring issue of Squirrel Hill Magazine®: Reflections on Neighborhood (pg. 38) by Emad Mirmotahari was the first installment of Squirrel Hill Stories. Our hope is that this column, to be written by Squirrel Hill residents, will highlight the many different perspectives and histories that fill our vibrant neighborhood. In

Popular New Cafe Opens in Squirrel Hill

By Ian G. Rawson Jenny Tao greeted me with a broad smile as I came into Café 33, the newest addition to Squirrel Hill’s burgeoning Asian restaurant scene. Tucked into a narrow lot facing Shady Avenue south of Starbucks, the former laundromat has been transformed into a cozy nook with banquettes on either side and

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