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O’Connor’s Corner: History

With the O’Connor’s Corner project underway, let’s take a look back at all the hard work that got us here! Below is the timeline of progress on O’Connor’s Corner, starting with its initial proposal a decade ago. Timeline 2010 Concept drawing with clock by Rothchild/Doyno designating O’Connor’s Corner after series of community meetings and recommendations

Pittsburgh’s Environmentally Conscious Mayors from Squirrel Hill

By Helen Wilson Vice-President, Squirrel Hill Historical Society   Pittsburgh officially became a city on March 18, 1816, with the signing of incorporation papers that gave its citizens the right to govern themselves. The event probably didn’t cause much of a stir in Squirrel Hill because it didn’t belong to Pittsburgh until it was annexed

From Generation to Generation

By Jennifer Bails With its towering, gray-stone edifice set high atop Forward Avenue, many comment on the resemblance between Community Day School and the fictional Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter series. And while one might easily imagine a game of Quidditch being played on broomsticks outside the Gothic Revival-style building, a different kind of