The trees are green, flowers sprung and there are lines at the Blue Slide and Rita’s — it must be spring in Squirrel Hill! What better way to celebrate the season than to lend a hand at doing a little spring cleaning! The 1st Annual Grand Pandemic Litter Clean Up did just that. From April 18 through April 24, over 100 volunteers donned gloves and grabbed some blue Giant Eagle bags to put litter in its place, making everything look free and new again.
Led by Mr. Murray the Squirrel (a good friend of Johnny Patrus) and some great advertising by Barbara Jones, volunteers cleaned some areas that just needed a little tender loving care. Thank you Melissa Lysagh and fellow Starbucks employees for lending a hand in the business district; Hayley Moffett and friends who cleaned up Commercial Avenue; and Jennifer Golovin and the cub scouts of Troop 1818 who scoured Wightman Park and surrounding streets. And thanks to all those couples and individuals who took a walk with a bag in hand and made our world here in Squirrel Hill a little brighter!
Congratulations to all of our photos contest winners including the Yuans, Roslands, Ingrams, Hershbergs, District 8, Starbuck’s on Forbes/Shady, Bob Dannenberg and Jamison Combs!  
Photos show all the hard work done, which can be viewed on the website. And finally, thank you generous sponsors – Bagel Factory, Coffee Tree Roasters, Little’s Shoes and Mineos for your generous gift cards. It was truly a great effort by all and we can all enjoy their efforts. Thank you!