5501_496267560575463_5980925166031720253_nIn July, as part of his Welcoming Pittsburgh Initiative, Mayor Bill Peduto announced  the [ ] We Move series, an assortment of ten community-led cultural celebrations. The [ ] We Move events are focused on promoting immigrant, Latino and African American inclusion in Pittsburgh while celebrating our diverse cultures. The Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition is proud to have been chosen to host one of these events and receive the $1000 mini-grant!


As a result, the last Night Market this summer will be an Asian/Pacific Islander inspired celebration. Featuring special performances from the K-Pop Dance Club (KPDC) of Carnegie Mellon University and Steel City Ukuleles, the market will have yoglitter-1210875u dancing in the streets!


K-Pop, or Korean pop music, has taken the world by storm. With their infectious songs and intense choreography, K-Pop idols have garnered a huge fan following. KPDC, founded in the spring of 2015, caters to K-pop fans and dancers at both CMU and Pitt. Their weekly dance classes are open to local university students looking for an opportunity to learn some of the moves their favorite groups perform. For more information about KPDC, connect with them at facebook.com/cmukpdc.


Steel City UkulelesSteel City Ukuleles players will have you smiling, foot-tapping and maybe singing, too. The five-year old community group plays traditional, Tin Pan Alley, old favorites and modern tunes on a musical mix of ukuleles, banjos and guitars. The club meets every week in Regent Square at the Wilkins School Community Center, and everyone is invited to join in, no experience necessary. Learn more about them at facebook.com/SteelCityUkuleles.


Also scheduled are fun Asian games and traditions, such as the classic board game, Go, origami and a Kimono/Yukata photo booth! Market goers will also be able to experience a unique summer treat: Nagashi-somen.  Part game, part dining experience, nagashi-somen is the act of catching noodles as they rush past on a water filled bamboo ‘stream’ before dunking them in sauce and devouring them. It promises to be a real treat!


Mark your calendars for this exciting inclusive community event on September 17th!


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