Mr. Rogers and Officer Clemmons cooling their feet in a shared kiddie pool

The late Fred Rogers, a Squirrel Hill resident, took a quiet but powerful stand against racism on his show when much of the country was in an uproar over the desegregation of swimming pools. Our neighborhood is not the fictional world of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” but we strive to live by the show’s values of radical kindness, compassion, and inclusion.

Below are our latest posts about efforts to make Squirrel Hill a more just, equitable neighborhood.

  • Classic Lines’ Anti-Racist Reading Guide
    Our beloved local bookstore, Classic Lines, has released an anti-racist reading list (reprinted below). To support one of our local businesses while learning how to combat racism, email to order a book, or visit the store in person! White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo.
  • Race & Public Spaces: A Resource Guide
    SHUC works with city planners to develop parks and other public spaces, and part of our Bike-Pedestrian Committee’s mission is to “ensure that our streets, sidewalks, and paths are safe…for all users.” It is essential to our mission that Squirrel Hill’s public spaces are safe for our Black neighbors. Towards that goal, we have compiled a list of resources for anti-racist city planning, as well as alternatives to calling 911.
  • Black Lives Matter in Squirrel Hill
    Here in Squirrel Hill, we take pride in being a welcoming, diverse community. Last weekend, many Squirrel Hill residents demonstrated their commitment to those principles by peacefully protesting against police brutality towards African Americans and other marginalized communities. These protests, like their counterparts across the country, aim to change systems of public safety to ensure
  • One Life
    For the love of God, white America, which part of this don’t we get?  Do we not see the armed cop’s knee pressing down for senseless, endless minutes on George Floyd’s neck as he begs for air? Do we not hear a helpless, handcuffed, unarmed man’s pleas for breath and mercy? Do we not register