The City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) has released its new Bike(+) Plan!

DOMI uses the term “Bike(+)” to mean lightweight, low-speed vehicles without internal combustion engines, including traditional bicycles, kick-scooters, and skateboards, but also electric versions of those vehicles and other personal mobility devices. This inclusion is particularly important in neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill with a lot of steep streets, which may make pedal-assist bicycles a more appealing option for many users.

Squirrel Hill Map

Based in part on the Squirrel Hill Bike Plan developed by SHUC a few years ago, here is the map of DOMI’s proposed bike routes for Squirrel Hill:

We are excited to see the implementation of this Bike(+) Plan, and we hope that it will make Squirrel Hill a safer place for commuters, recreational cyclists, and all other road users!