Bike-Pedestrian Committee


Due to SHUC’s interest and commitment to multi-modal transportation, SHUC created a Neighborhood Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee in 2017 to ensure that our streets, sidewalks, and paths are safe and mutually respectful, with enhanced visibility and usability, for all users – pedestrians, bicyclists, bus riders, and motorists.  We continue to work with Pittsburgh District 5 and District 8 Council Members, the Department of Mobility & Infrastructure (DOMI), and other municipal authorities to ensure that Squirrel Hill is an integral participant, along with the Greater Pittsburgh bicycling-pedestrian community, in all planning and policy considerations regarding street safety and usage by authorities in the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the region.

Current Priorities

  • Achieving implementation of the “Run-Forward” Trail Proposal: a two-phase pedestrian-bicycle transportation plan being coordinated with economic development and public amenities in the Forward-Murray area.  The trail will link four strategic Pittsburgh neighborhoods:  Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Hazelwood, and Greenfield, and will connect Squirrel Hill with the regional and national trail system.
  • Improvements in signalization and all-user traffic flow at the Forward-Murray-Pocusset (F-M-P) intersection, and adding a crosswalk across Forward Avenue there.
  • Enhanced safety and user-friendliness at the important and busy Beacon Street/Murray Avenue intersection.
  • Monitoring and supporting the full Shady Avenue traffic study now under way, engaging in advocacy and appropriate follow-up action, as indicated by the findings.
  • Providing tools for the neighborhood that can enhance residents’ and visitors’ safe, healthful, and enjoyable bicycling-pedestrian transportation, exercise and recreation.  See the tools-in-progress displayed on this page:

Get Involved!

We welcome and encourage comments and suggestions on the above priorities and tools.  They can be posted in the Committee’s Facebook group. Join the Facebook group for information on planned events and for updates on our priorities.

Committee meetings are held bi-monthly, on the second Thursday of the given month, at 6:30-8:00 PM, at the Squirrel Hill Jewish Community Center.  Meeting notice with agenda is sent out about a week in advance of each meeting.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings are being conducted virtually.  Any change in this meeting format will be posted on this page and in our Facebook group.

To be included on our mail-list, or for questions and further information about the Committee and the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition, please contact one of our two Co-Chairs:

Marshall Hershberg ( and Richard Feder (