On June 28, we held our first ever Socially Distant Litter Patrol event, in partnership with Moishe House Pittsburgh! Volunteers across Squirrel Hill spent two hours cleaning up the area where they live with members of their households, while our Litter Patrol chair Barb Grover biked around the neighborhood to check in and refill supplies.

We want to give a special shout-out to Commonplace Coffee, which generously offered a 25% discount on pastries and beverages for all Litter Patrol volunteers on the day of the event!

Photo Contest

Best Photo

We loved this action shot of Kiko Giho, taken by her husband Aki! They did an amazing job picking up litter on Hobart Street. As an award for Best Photo, Kiko received a Nuts About Squirrel Hill t-shirt and this photo will be featured in the next issue of Squirrel Hill Magazine.

Best Team Effort

Alex Greenberg and her grandsons worked together to keep Beechwood Blvd free of trash!

Best Before/After Pictures

Armed with nothing but gloves, bags, and a cup of Commonplace Coffee, SHUC intern Moses Hetfield and his friend Kayla cleaned up Phillips Ave!

Strangest Object

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…we’re not really sure! This mysterious object was discovered by SHUC’s executive director Maria Cohen during her cleanup.

More Pictures!