Jean Robinson was a friend of SHUC’s efforts to beautify our Squirrel Hill environment by planting flowers.  She, with the help of Seeders and Welders Garden Club, purchased all the bulbs, perennials and annuals for the Post Office Parklet which Jean then lovingly planted, weeded and tended, literally on her hands and knees for as long as was needed during Pittsburgh’s growing season. Jean and Seeders and Weeders also helped fund the elm tree pruning and the training pruning of the cherry trees at the Parklet. This commitment to maintenance was appreciated by all who pass by and those who stop for a brief respite, most never knowing who was responsible for the pleasant surroundings.

Jean died last month after a difficult but short illness.  She will be missed, not only for her commitment to gardening, but mostly for her cheery self.  Jean spread cheerfulness as she walked our streets, stopping to talk to those she knew – which was a very long list in Squirrel Hill. Jean delighted in spending time with the family who loved her and the friends who adored her. 

Jean made many contributions to Pittsburgh, serving on boards of organizations that make Pittsburgh unique including the Buhl Foundation, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh Promise and most especially Calvary Church.  Not one for accolades, Jean was honored and named a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania and a recipient of the Jefferson Award for Community Service.  

SHUC would like to thank Brooks, her beloved husband, and her entire wonderful family for sharing Jean with us, adding richness and joy to our vibrant Squirrel Hill neighborhood.