Education Committee

Growing Educational Opportunities in Squirrel Hill

The quality of a community’s public schools is a key factor in a family’s decision about where to live. The Coalition’s Education Committee monitors the quality of the programs in the Pittsburgh Public Schools with a special focus on those schools in the Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze neighborhoods.


The committee works to promote and improve the schools in order to attract and retain students from our neighborhood to the public school system. We work closely with other community groups and the Board of Public Education. Meetings occur as issues present themselves. In the past the Coalition has coordinated meetings regarding whether to convert Minadeo from K-5 to K-8, regarding the proposed addition to Colfax Spanish Academy, and concerning the district’s reorganization plans. The Coalition will continue to monitor the district’s reorganization plan as it affects the schools attended by Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze children.


Squirrel Hills offers its residents nationally ranked public and private schools, and internationally renowned colleges and universities.


To volunteer, simply call the Coalition office at (412) 422-7666 or fill out our volunteer form!

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Committee Chair: Ray Baum