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Race & Public Spaces: A Resource Guide

SHUC works with city planners to develop parks and other public spaces, and part of our Bike-Pedestrian Committee’s mission is to “ensure that our streets, sidewalks, and paths are safe…for all users.” It is essential to our mission that Squirrel Hill’s public spaces are safe for our Black neighbors. Towards that goal, we have compiled a list of resources for anti-racist city planning, as well as alternatives to calling 911.

2021 Capital Budget Survey

Are there streets, intersections, bike lanes, or playgrounds that you would like to see improved? Fill out Pittsburgh’s 2021 Capital Budget Survey by June 19 to let the city know! The Capital Budget is used to determine spending on projects (as opposed to day-to-day operations), including flood control, complete streets, trails, housing, and more.

Porch Party Wrap-Up

Throughout the stay-at-home order, SHUC hosted weekly porch parties to help Squirrel Hill residents connect with their neighbors from a safe distance. Our porch party series is now over, but here are some highlights: Cartographers – A Family Game Event with Games Unlimited (June 8) We had a blast playing Cartographers with Kylie Prymus from