Name Address Phone Website Description of Services Offered
Alberto & Pasquale Tailoring 2025 Murray Avenue (412) 421-5515 Sewing & Alterations
Andy’s Tailor 1833 Murray Avenue 412-521-7933 Sewing & Alterations, Repairs
Ianni’s Tailoring 5835 Forward Ave (412) 421-4433 Dry Cleaning and Tailoring
Dollar Bank 5822 Forbes Avenue 412-521-7031 Banking, Borrowing, Insurance, Loans, Mortgages
First Commonwealth Bank 5847 Forbes Avenue 412-422-2904 Personal, Business Banking, Insurance, Investments, Mortgages
Northwest Savings Bank 5835 Forbes Avenue 412-521-2868 Checking, Saving, Loans, Mortgages, Investments, Trusts
PNC Bank 5810 Forbes Avenue 412-521-8801 Checking, Saving, Credit Cards, Mortgages, Loans, Investments, Retirement
S&T Bank 6306 Forbes Avenue 412-421-6370 Checking, Saving, Loans, Mortgages, Investments
Citizens Bank 1801 Murray Avenue (412) 521-5542 Banking, Borrowing, Insurance, Loans, Mortgages
Fifth Third Bank 5834 Forbes Avenue 412-521-0585 Checking, Saving, Loans, Mortgages, Investments
First Niagra Bank 1730 Murray Avenue 412) 421-5818 Checking, Saving, Loans, Mortgages, Investments
Footer’s Dry Cleaning 5864 Forbes Avenue 412-421-0400 Dry Cleaning and Tailoring
Four Seasons Dry Cleaners 1716 Murray Avenue (412) 420-5075 Dry Cleaning and Tailoring
Lord Duncan Cleaners 5850 Forward Avenue (412) 422-7777 Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Benjie K Hadburg Financial Services 1831 Murray Avenue 412-521-3020 Assistance in retirement planning, investments, estate planning, insurance, taxes
H&R Block 1928 Murray Avenue (412) 420-1040 Tax Service Provider
Wagner Agency 5020 Centre Avenue 412-681-2700 Insurance Provider, Benefits
Evelyn James Interiors 5870 Forbes Avenue 412-521-5220 Interior Design
Sunburst School of Music 5843 Forbes Avenue 412-427-8489 Private Lessons, Group Performance Programs, Summer Camps (guitar, bass, drums, voice and keyboards )
Bodiography Center for Movement 5824 Forbes Avenue (412) 521-6094 Dance Education (ballet, modern, jazz, and related subjects.)
Eyetique 2242 Murray Avenue (412) 422-5300 Eye Exams, Contact Lens and Glasses Provider
Dalmo Optical 5824 Forbes Avenue (412) 521-2100 Eye Exams, Contact Lens and Glasses Provider
Rewind Memories 2002 Murray Avenue 412-422-1700 Converting Media, Scanning Photos
Berkshire Hathaway 5801 Forbes Avenue 412-521-5500 Real Estate, Buying, Selling, Pricing, Inspections
Brandywine Agency Inc 357 Lincoln Hwy 412-823-9200 Property Management
Equity Real Estate 2029 Murray Avenue (412) 422-1600 Commercial Sales and Leasing, Management of Residential and Commercial Property, Sales and Management of Investment Properties
Ross Development Company 5989 Centre Avenue 412-661-2500 Real Estate Development, Property Management, Leasing and Brokerage, Construction Management Experience
The Silk and Stewart Development Group 5812 Darlington Rd 412-421-4600 Analyzing and Negotiating Acquisitions, Marketing and Leasing, Site and Architectural Planning, Construction Management, Accounting and Property Management, Tenant Relations
Coldwell Banker Real Estate 5887 Forbes Avenue (412) 521-2222 Buying, Selling, Renting Real Estate
Glickman Real Estate 5821 Forward Avenue (412) 521-9555 Real Estate
Howard Hanna 6310 Forbes Avenue (412) 421-9120 Property Management, Relocation, Commercial Real Estate
Northwood Realty Services 1935 Murray Avenue (412) 521-5100 Relocating, Financing, Insurance, Home Warranty, Closing
Squirrel Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Healing 2025 Wightman Street (412) 421-4883 Rehabilitation, Recovery,
Squirrel Hill Shoe Repair 2205 Murray Avenue 412-521-3355 Shoe Repair