The Citizens Patrol was founded by 1995 and modeled on the Baltimore Citizens Patrol. The Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition sponsors the Patrol. Since the Patrol began, crimes such as burglary, robbery and auto theft in Zone 4, which encompasses Squirrel Hill, Point Breeze and several other neighborhoods, have dropped more than 40 percent, according to Pittsburgh police crime prevention analyst Ashley Thompson.pic_sign_02


Citizen patrol volunteers use their own vehicles, but are outfitted with radios, magnetic antennas and magnetic signs, searchlights, and zone maps. Volunteers patrol assigned zones Wednesday through Saturday nights in Squirrel Hill and Point Breeze. If they see anything suspicious, they report it to police and let the professionals take over.


Volunteers enjoy some perks, including free refreshments from area merchants. There is also an annual social in June.


All you need to volunteer for the Citizens Patrol are:

  • Valid Pennsylvania driver’s license
  • Registered and insured vehicle with a working cigarette lighter
  • Clean driving record
  • Willingness to only call police if you witness any criminal activity (we do not chase suspects or otherwise become involved in any incidents).

We are seeking volunteers to work one night (three hours) per month.

Give your community a few hours, and we will continue to enjoy one of the safest neighborhoods in the city!


To volunteer, simply call the Coalition office at (412) 422-7666 or fill out our volunteer form!

I Would Like to Join the Committee


Committee Chair: Andy Dlinn



WEEKLY CRIME REPORTS (Provided by Zone 4 Police)

April 11th-April 17th – Largest issue? Theft due to open/unlocked doors & windows! Read more HERE

May 9th-May 15th – Read it HERE.

May 16th-May 22nd -Read it HERE.

May 23rd-May 29th – Read it HERE.

June 6th-June 12th –  Read it HERE.

June 13th-June 19th – Read it  HERE.

June 20th-June 26th –  Theft from unlocked cars and 2 stolen cars reported. Read more HERE.