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Squirrel Hill Resident to Receive Award for Tree Stewardship

By Linda Ryan   When it comes to keeping city trees alive and well in Pittsburgh’s 90 neighborhoods and five regional parks, Martha “Mardi” Isler has been a dedicated tree ambassador. The ability to combine a passion for greenspace with the science of tree preservation has earned Mardi the 2016 Root Award.   This award will be presented

Frick Environmental Center Moves Into Final Construction Phase

By Scott Roller, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy On track to be one of the greenest buildings in the world! Falls Ravine trail is one of most popular trails in Frick Park, and for good reason. Once you descend from Beechwood Boulevard into Falls Ravine Trail’s gently rolling terrain, the sounds of traffic and city life drift

Cartoony things are fun things

These are the things that make us happy

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