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Squirrel Hill Bike Plan

The Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition’s Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee is developing a Bicycling Master Plan for Squirrel Hill. We see this as a broad overview and basis for discussion with the Squirrel Hill and bicycling communities. Our focus is on routes in and through Squirrel Hill that form a useful transportation network. Routes in adjacent neighborhoods are

Keeping Our Riders Safe: Bike Safety 101

By Eric Boerer of Bike Pittsburgh   The closure of the Greenfield Bridge has no doubt created transportation headaches for the residents of Squirrel Hill. These difficulties also present some new opportunities, especially for those who may be looking into getting around by bicycle. An increase in automobile traffic may bring cars and buses to a

Murray and Forward – There’s a Lot Going On

Murray and Forward – There’s a Lot Going On!  By Raymond N. Baum, Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition President   **NEW DATE: The URA and the Coalition are convening a Public Meeting to discuss the Conditions Report and the next steps in our continuing efforts to attract redevelopment and investment in the Murray-Forward Area.  It will